Fancy Colouring

Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye… 

Hair Colouring has certainly come on in the past few months let alone years. But with this post I want to talk about a new products I’ve started using called Directions.

Directions is a temporary based colour, which means it isn’t mixed with peroxide or any sort of developer (which means less chemicals for those who like that kind of thing!) but this also means it doesn’t last as long as other types of hair colour.

BUT…what makes this range so special is this…

directions shades.JPG

I mean come on…just looking at them makes me want to relive my childhood days when you could buy coloured hair mascara and have blue and purple streaks for a weekend!

No they aren’t for everyone but, speaking as a hairdresser the reason why I am (I admit) falling in love with this brand is that due to their DNA, they can be for anyone.

Let me explain a bit of science to hair colouring…

When you lighten hair you remove the hair’s natural pigment. Done properly you will have minimal damage. Done incorrectly or in excess, your hair will snap off and the good old expression comes to mind “you’ll be taking it home in your handbag”!

So if we as hairdressers try to lighten hair to the extreme when it simply doesn’t want to, it’s not a happy ending. Now with this Directions you don’t need to lift it so light. Therefore the condition of hair is healthier and because of that the colour will last longer. 

Gone is the prefix of having to lift hair to the whitest of blonde you can possibly get which is a mean feat in itself.

The below photos are colours I have done and as you can see they weren’t ‘white blonde’. 

So this one was last week.


Obviously being so dark and coloured hair, I was a bit worried about how light i would have to get the hair first. I managed to get it to a pale red almost copper sort of colour. Which if I would have used our old brand of temporary colours it wouldn’t have done anything but, this is what i achieved…


Good hey?! I was pretty impressed. 

This is one i did today.

The starting point was lighter, a balayage I did few months back, but because it was already light i didn’t need to lighten it again. This was the result…


Again i was so pleased with the outcome!

I can’t recommend these colours enough. You can even turn any of the colours into pastel tones, they wouldn’t last as long as the brighter ones but still nice knowing. And because they are only temporary they don’t cost a fortune to have done – BONUS! 

If you’re interested in having these done or want to know more then please give me a message using the contact form. 

Thanks for reading!