Bank holiday lunch- Ding a ling ling! 

So I’ve been majorly busy with work and competition prep and things – I’ll show you that next week. But I had to do a quickie on my lunch today. 

It was my god fathers birthday and we all got together for a lunch time meal. Now I’m not one for a heavy lunch but whether it was my slight hangover or the smells coming from the kitchen or maybe even the starvation I put myself through all morning… I was hungry!

We went to The Six Bells in Witham on the Hill. Although based off the beaten track it is well worth the 30/40 minute drive from Peterborough just to have a taste of their food. The atmosphere is very friendly and all staff are well mannered. It has the sense of a bistro pub but with a fraction more elegance whilst still being down to earth. And as you walk up to the front door you can smell the wysteria. It really is a beautiful surrounding. 

So the menu… 

I started with chicken liver parfait with toasted brioche and pear chutney. 

For my main I chose beef roast dinner. Plenty of gravey and extra vegetables came accompanied. 

Then dessert, my favourite, white chocolate and honeycomb parfait with caramelised oranges. Heaven! 

I can honestly say it was a superb meal. Lovely building and setting. 

 I certainly won’t need anything for my dinner this evening! 

5 star from me! 


New House Things…

It has been a whole year since I moved into my new house. Finally I can start painting and decorating!

So after a bunch of Pintrest searches and blogger stalking I think i’ve finally come up with a few ideas…

There is always that panic and fear of putting your first nail in a fresh new wall incase it’s the wrong place and then you have to change it…so I have literally spent the last 6months thinking where I’m going to be putting things.

I’ll start with the basics. Paint.

So when the house was built it was decorated to the standard pretence, Magnolia walls and white wood work. To be honest, I actually like it! But if anything i’d like to go a bit lighter on the walls in the lounge, bedroom and dressing room. I always think it’s better to have light walls as it gives the illusion of a larger space, plus makes your selfies better!

Sadly due to unpredictable weather I’m going to have to wait until summer time to paint, that way i can have all the doors and windows open to air the house so i don’t gas myself out!


However that doesn’t mean I can’t do little changes….This is some little things I have in store over the next week.

Floating Shelves

I’ve always loved a floating shelf. There’s just something so glamorous and simple about them. I’ve always brought mine from Homebase, depending on size they’re anything from about £5 up to £20ish.


I’ve brought 2 for my lounge, one longer than the other (which I’ll do a little overlap thing I’ve seen done on Pintrest), 2 for my bedroom both medium size and 3 for my dressing room for my jewellery boxes to go on so they won’t live on the floor anymore!



I recently had a little trip to Nottingham, just a little praise to their H&M store….despite having to cue for what seemed like an eternity, I was so pleased!FullSizeRender 2

I would highly recommend going on their website and having a look through their home department. some beautiful little vases and trinket boxes. They change their stock fairly regularly too so you can keep checking what’s new in!

FullSizeRender 3

I brought a shelf that is shaped like a house and a a brass letter holder in the shape of a pineapple. Both items were no more than £7 each. Then I had a little rummage in their sale items and picked up this cute little gold mirror for half price too!


I then obviously had to visit IKEA, as does anyone that goes to any town where they are based.



This time frames were on my mind. I’d seen some lovely prints off a few different websites that were about £20 each. Now as lovely as those prints were, i just couldn’t buy as many as I would like to. As i was wondering around IKEA I walked into on of their showrooms and sure enough there was a wall of different prints sprawled across the wall as I was hoping to do. As if it was secretly put there for me there was a ‘handy hint’ next to the display that said about using magazine cut outs and printing off your own quotes to put in frames. So this is exactly what I’m going to do.

I managed to get some single frames in various different sizes, I think the most expensive one was about £1 so great value! I then brought one of these already put together frames. My mum has one that she brought from Next and paid about £40 for where as my IKEA version only cost me £5! Obviously i was needing something to put them put with and I’m starting to run low on nails and hanging equipment, so i picked 2 of these kits up- very handy!


All in all a very good trip! Plus it gives me something to be excited about this week.

I’ll post before and afters up on my Instagram so give me a follow!


Until next time!

A xox

C H O P  C H O P ✂️ ✂️

So I knew I wanted to blog about my restyle today… (Currently as i am writing this, I am sat in the chair having my hair blow dried ready to get extensions put in to then have my hair cut… yes I know that sounds odd but all will be revealed) …but it wasn’t until I was walking into town that I realised why I was nervous about cutting my hair and why I wanted to write about it so much.

Since new year I’ve been reflecting on things (like everyone does). The last 2 years and certainly the last year of my life has certainly been a rollercoaster to say the least- not even being dramatic there!

From break ups to becoming a home owner to a family diagnosis, it certainly puts things into perspective. Even more so the kind of person I am and want to be.

For years I felt like I was being moulded to be someone I wasn’t. Trying to fit in with a particular status quo. This last year I can finally say at the grand age of 27 I now know who I am. And I’m happy to be that person.

I saw a quote a few weeks ago that was said by CoCo Chanel.


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” 



Yeah she was right. When I was younger I was fearless of change. Numb to it even. I didn’t feel like having a trim meant anything unless it was a complete change. Looking back I guess that was me trying to find out who I was. Was I a long haired brunette or a red head or was I a pixie cut blonde…

Sadly none. Blonde yes. But not that short again haha!

As I became older and as life dealt it’s cards, I then became almost frightened of change. It normally meant something bad, upsetting or just plain cruel. So my hair stayed the same pretty much. I just let it go with minor changes and trims but nothing drastic. As my hair got longer I realised I was using it like a shield and a comfort blanket. I would wear it down when I felt vulnerable and tie it back when I felt I heading for a battle. This went on for about 2 years.

So much pressure for one head of hair, so a couple of weeks ago, I decided enough is enough!

I ditched my easy maintenance root drag and went back to my light blonde self.

Like when I was younger, before my mind became warped by influences. Even doing that gave me back a sense of self.

And today was the cut….

so here is my before from this morning…

As you can see it’s got some length to it. Not much style and my sides are really fine and pretty non existent (been that way for years). So I had extensions put in my sides for thickness and length and a couple through the back to give me some movement.


They’re Great Lengths extensions so its not glue or clips or anything that will damage my hair. We use a heat seal keratin bond which is what your hair is naturally made up from so nothing foreign to it. When I’ve had my extensions in before I’ve managed to get anything from 4-6months out of them with maintenance and looking after them, half the time i forget they are there!
I then had my back cut off to about my collar and graduated so my hair is longer at the front.

This is my after….


So more shaping, thickness and length at the sides and most importantly – a new me.


What a difference a day makes!  Here’s to the next adventure!

A xox


Hair by Michael John Hair Artwork ltd

Lets Heat things up…Especially your hair!

Spring & summer…finally things are heating up a bit!

I’m sure everyone can agree, we all think sun when these 2 words start being used!

I personally think longer days and warmer nights, sitting outside in a beer garden holding my Kopparberg are long over due! Thank god the clocks change this weekend!

It is certainly no coincidence that whilst we look forward to a bit of heat in weather terms, the trend forecast is screaming ‘HOT’ also!

The likes of Fendi, Rag & Bone, DKNY and Gucci (to name but a few) have their models sporting the latest red head shades down the runway.


Scorching Red Heads’ and ‘Singeing Burnt Coppers’ are the ‘MUST HAVE’ for your hair this SS17!


So what does this mean for your hair? What can you do to stay fashionable this season?



Well for those wanting to adapt their current hair colour in a subtle way, you can enrich pre-existing colours by having lowlights put through your current highlights. These lowlights can be burnt coppers or if that sounds a bit too scary even some caramel tones will give you a shot of warmth.





For those of you with a full head colour, why not try a semi-permanent tint? They last roughly four weeks and fade out rather than grow out. They are also extra moisturising for your hair so no unnecessary damage!  Not only are you fashion forward but because a semi-permanent colour fades out, you won’t have any harsh regrowth lines –bonus!


Now those who embrace the trends in full force, the true fashionistas, look to signature red heads: Isla Fisher, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. Full head colours that are vibrant, glossy and striking to behold.

These can be done with permanent or semi-permanent colours. Then when we reach the pinnacle of summer you can opt for blonder highlights to break up the colour and give you that sun kissed holiday feel.



To make sure your colour stays healthy  and vibrant through the seasonal changes make sure you use colour locking products that help maintain shine.

My personal favourites are System Professional Colour Save Shampoo and System Professional Colour Save Conditioner by WELLA.
SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Shampoo_d                                                SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Conditioner_d

Now if your hair is anything like mine and a normal conditioner is too heavy for my fine an
d fragile tresses – there is also a spray and leave-in conditioner call System Professional Bi-Phase Conditioner.        SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Bi-Phase-Conditioner_d

Super lightweight  and still gives my hair the nourishment it needs to de-tangle. Great as a bit of an extra hydration shot in hot weather too! Just simply spray into wet or dry hair and comb through. ‘Simples’!

All products i’ve mentioned are available at Michael John Hair Artwork ltd, in Peterborough, UK.

Don’t forget – 10% off all products with your Michael John loyalty card.

Don’t have one? Come into salon and enquire today.


Now I believe that has given everyone some food for thought!

Stay tuned for my next post at the weekend…I have a surprise reveal on my own hair!

A xox

If you’d like to book in with myself or anyone at my salon for a consultation on what we can do for your hairs desires, please get in touch!

Take a look at some of my red heads in my latest collection at Michael John Hair Artwork ltd.

Creative Colour Work


Before & After, getting rid of those orange tones! Violet root drag.


Ombre natural root going into a warm blonde


Ombre. Deep plum into Magenta into Copper.


Balayge with natural colouring


Copper Ombre


Natural Balayage


Blue Dip Dye!


Refreshing a rich balayage


Colour Correction! much better!


Before & After, back to a more natural root.


mermaid hair! Dip dye




Before & After, blonde balayage







March (over)Haul

So last few weeks I’ve had little gifts brought and small splurges. Thought I’d share…


So number 1, New Loafers!

I’ve been after a decent pair for a little while after having to part with my old and battered ones last year. Mum and me were having a wonder down Oxford Street and just ‘happen’ to drift into Aldo. Now if anyone doesn’t know about Aldo – I urge you to go to their website now! Shoes, Sunglasses and handbags and more! Super trendy styles at a fairly decent price! No more than Topshop prices.

These beauties were just what i was after. Something classic that won’t slip through time trends. And only £50, I also got persuaded to buy suede wipes stop keep them clean, for an extra £5 it was worth it – plus i can use them on other shoes! So a total of £55 – i didn’t think that was too bad for a decent pair of shoes!


Next up… more shoes! I brought both these pairs a couple of weeks apart, both from La Sula website and both at a bargain sale price! I actually got a pair fairly similar couple of months back in red and they are one of the most comfiest heels I’ve got! So thought i should get some more!


If my memory serves me right each pair (inc next day next day delivery) costs no more than £17 each.

I wore the Khaki pair out last weekend and they were super comfy! La Sula have constant sales and promos going on so definitely worth signing up to the emailing list to get the latest offers! I’m actually excited to wear the black pair in a couple of weeks time for my friends birthday night out!


Numbero Trio… New Dress!

As I’ve mentioned it’s my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and we have a night out planned. Like every girl knows – that means something new! Now because spring is on its way I felt i needed something a bit more summery but not too much… cue my online trip to In The Style!

Never having shopped on here before i was a bit nervous but made sure I checked my sizes first before checking out, i went ahead and got this awesome little number!


It’s khaki (a colour i quite like at the moment, trying to edge away from black clothes!) and i thought it’s work well with my new black heels! It has this neat little plaited faux leather black trim around the top part which makes it a bit more interesting!


Fits like a glove too! next on my shopping list is to find a suitable bra to wear with it!


Next up i have 2 little gifts from my parents holiday to Tenerife. Brought in a little boutique store  these work perfectly in my house!

The miniature jewellery box i use for my rings and i actually have a larger version i use for my erring and bracelets i got off eBay.  The elephant figurine has this beautiful polished Abalone gemstone on both sides.


Something close to my heart is my MAC makeup.

These 2 little beauties are my secret faves!

First up we have my new highlighter – Mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle shade. perfect for everyday highlighter. i just use my blusher brush to apply it and use it on my cheekbones above my contour and below along my jawline. I also use it across my forehead and chin and down my nose as well as occasionally on my eyes.

This is something I’ve longed for for years! Any hairdresser will tell you how ‘glow’ you can get haha! shine is my biggest hate with my make up. Amplify my difficult skin with 18 hairdryers and a busy column and i have a make up disaster on my hands! Well this certainly helps! It works by absorbing the oils – think like a dry shampoo but for your face. these with my blotting wipes (also MAC) are perfection for me!


And lastly….something I’ve wanted for a year, since i got my own place.

My Cherry Tree….


I managed to find a beautiful one that grows up to 10metres high and only 2 1/2 metres wide for my small garden. It’s called Royal Burgundy, from Frosts Garden Centre at Brampton. Such a lovely garden centre  the staff are all friendly and quite knowledgeable about plants. Nice coffee shop there too with a beautiful away of cakes to choose from!


Don’t worry me and my mum shared this! A summer fruits meringue…went down a treat!

Back to my tree…it will develop purple foliage and double pink flowers in the next couple of weeks! You can see the tag on the previous picture of what the flowers will look like.

I’ll post another picture when it flowers -hopefully soon!


That’s all for now! Here are the links to everything…. Happy Shopping!

A  xox



Aldo Loafers


La Sula triple strap heels


La Sula Khaki heels




In The Style Khaki Dress


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle


MAC Oil Control Lotion


Royal Burgundy Ornamental Cherry Tree – Frosts Garden Centre

I Wasn’t Late For This Important Date! 

So I might be late in writing this one but kind of has a nice timing being International Women’s Day…I would like to talk about my day last Friday.

Myself and a colleague were asked by Carole Hughes (founder of Anna’s Hope and who is a long standing client of the salon)  if we’d like to go along to a ‘Mad Hatters’ Ladies Luncheon for Anna’s Hope charity and have a stall there to give advice and sell products from the salon.

Ofcourse we said yes, and here is why…

Anna’s Hope is the leading children’s brain tumour charity in the East Of England. They are committed to giving hope to children and young people diagnosed with a brain tumour.  It was inspired by Anna Olivia Hughes, who tragically died from a brain tumour aged only three years and eight months, and was set up by Anna’s parents Rob and Carole Hughes and her five Godparents in October 2006.

This year marks the 10th anniverary of Anna’s passing but also marks 10 amazing years of fundraising efforts for Anna’s Hope.



The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’ to coincide with ‘Wear a Hat’ day that creates awareness of brain tumours.

Our day started with set up. Once we stepped inside the venue ( The Haycock Hotel, Wansford) it was as if we had been transported to wonderland!


The ballroom was decorated with giant mushrooms and hanging ivy with a large pocket watch hanging on the wall. The tables were expertly designed with playing cards and ivy and each table had a different center piece.

We were then shown through a passage way and into a beautiful marquee were the stalls were.  The room was decorated with ivy and playing cards and Anna’s Fairy was watching the whole thing!


The Lunch itself was incredible, serenaded by a group called The Four Femmes On The Thames, who were brilliant! The girls were winners of the 2016 Musical Comedy Award and they performed a couple of original songs as well as old jazz and blues numbers.

My Main course was chicken stuffed with basil mousse and some beautiful potato gratin and vegetables.


Then for dessert it was a sweet arrangement of different favourite was the candy floss!


After dinner there was a beautiful presentation by Carole and Anna’s Hope about celebrating 10 amazing years and myself and my collegue both admitted to welling up during it.  After the presentation it was time to listen to someone truly inspirational. It’s been a while since someone has managed to make me stop, listen and change the way i view things. Darren Grigas did just that.

He did the Marathon des Sables which is a massive 156mile trek through a desert across 6 days to raise money for Anna’s Hope.  There was something I really paid attention to was this. Everyone complains that sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day…but if you were to get up just 1 hour earlier each day you’d gain an extra 7hours a week which equates to over an extra day a month. Really hits home just how much you can be missing out on.

Oh and i almost forgot! My Goody Bag!


Lots of lovely gifts from a chocolate bunny (which was demolished that day!) to a beautiful Heyland Whittle soap and loads more!

All in all it was an amazing day filled with great music, food, stalls and people.

If you’d like to help Anna’s Hope in any way be it donating or fundraising please get in touch with them through their website:  Anna’s Hope


Until next time!