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So I knew I wanted to blog about my restyle today… (Currently as i am writing this, I am sat in the chair having my hair blow dried ready to get extensions put in to then have my hair cut… yes I know that sounds odd but all will be revealed) …but it wasn’t until I was walking into town that I realised why I was nervous about cutting my hair and why I wanted to write about it so much.

Since new year I’ve been reflecting on things (like everyone does). The last 2 years and certainly the last year of my life has certainly been a rollercoaster to say the least- not even being dramatic there!

From break ups to becoming a home owner to a family diagnosis, it certainly puts things into perspective. Even more so the kind of person I am and want to be.

For years I felt like I was being moulded to be someone I wasn’t. Trying to fit in with a particular status quo. This last year I can finally say at the grand age of 27 I now know who I am. And I’m happy to be that person.

I saw a quote a few weeks ago that was said by CoCo Chanel.


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” 



Yeah she was right. When I was younger I was fearless of change. Numb to it even. I didn’t feel like having a trim meant anything unless it was a complete change. Looking back I guess that was me trying to find out who I was. Was I a long haired brunette or a red head or was I a pixie cut blonde…

Sadly none. Blonde yes. But not that short again haha!

As I became older and as life dealt it’s cards, I then became almost frightened of change. It normally meant something bad, upsetting or just plain cruel. So my hair stayed the same pretty much. I just let it go with minor changes and trims but nothing drastic. As my hair got longer I realised I was using it like a shield and a comfort blanket. I would wear it down when I felt vulnerable and tie it back when I felt I heading for a battle. This went on for about 2 years.

So much pressure for one head of hair, so a couple of weeks ago, I decided enough is enough!

I ditched my easy maintenance root drag and went back to my light blonde self.

Like when I was younger, before my mind became warped by influences. Even doing that gave me back a sense of self.

And today was the cut….

so here is my before from this morning…

As you can see it’s got some length to it. Not much style and my sides are really fine and pretty non existent (been that way for years). So I had extensions put in my sides for thickness and length and a couple through the back to give me some movement.


They’re Great Lengths extensions so its not glue or clips or anything that will damage my hair. We use a heat seal keratin bond which is what your hair is naturally made up from so nothing foreign to it. When I’ve had my extensions in before I’ve managed to get anything from 4-6months out of them with maintenance and looking after them, half the time i forget they are there!
I then had my back cut off to about my collar and graduated so my hair is longer at the front.

This is my after….


So more shaping, thickness and length at the sides and most importantly – a new me.


What a difference a day makes!  Here’s to the next adventure!

A xox


Hair by Michael John Hair Artwork ltd


Lets Heat things up…Especially your hair!

Spring & summer…finally things are heating up a bit!

I’m sure everyone can agree, we all think sun when these 2 words start being used!

I personally think longer days and warmer nights, sitting outside in a beer garden holding my Kopparberg are long over due! Thank god the clocks change this weekend!

It is certainly no coincidence that whilst we look forward to a bit of heat in weather terms, the trend forecast is screaming ‘HOT’ also!

The likes of Fendi, Rag & Bone, DKNY and Gucci (to name but a few) have their models sporting the latest red head shades down the runway.


Scorching Red Heads’ and ‘Singeing Burnt Coppers’ are the ‘MUST HAVE’ for your hair this SS17!


So what does this mean for your hair? What can you do to stay fashionable this season?



Well for those wanting to adapt their current hair colour in a subtle way, you can enrich pre-existing colours by having lowlights put through your current highlights. These lowlights can be burnt coppers or if that sounds a bit too scary even some caramel tones will give you a shot of warmth.





For those of you with a full head colour, why not try a semi-permanent tint? They last roughly four weeks and fade out rather than grow out. They are also extra moisturising for your hair so no unnecessary damage!  Not only are you fashion forward but because a semi-permanent colour fades out, you won’t have any harsh regrowth lines –bonus!


Now those who embrace the trends in full force, the true fashionistas, look to signature red heads: Isla Fisher, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. Full head colours that are vibrant, glossy and striking to behold.

These can be done with permanent or semi-permanent colours. Then when we reach the pinnacle of summer you can opt for blonder highlights to break up the colour and give you that sun kissed holiday feel.



To make sure your colour stays healthy  and vibrant through the seasonal changes make sure you use colour locking products that help maintain shine.

My personal favourites are System Professional Colour Save Shampoo and System Professional Colour Save Conditioner by WELLA.
SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Shampoo_d                                                SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Conditioner_d

Now if your hair is anything like mine and a normal conditioner is too heavy for my fine an
d fragile tresses – there is also a spray and leave-in conditioner call System Professional Bi-Phase Conditioner.        SYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Color-Save-Bi-Phase-Conditioner_d

Super lightweight  and still gives my hair the nourishment it needs to de-tangle. Great as a bit of an extra hydration shot in hot weather too! Just simply spray into wet or dry hair and comb through. ‘Simples’!

All products i’ve mentioned are available at Michael John Hair Artwork ltd, in Peterborough, UK.

Don’t forget – 10% off all products with your Michael John loyalty card.

Don’t have one? Come into salon and enquire today.


Now I believe that has given everyone some food for thought!

Stay tuned for my next post at the weekend…I have a surprise reveal on my own hair!

A xox

If you’d like to book in with myself or anyone at my salon for a consultation on what we can do for your hairs desires, please get in touch!

Take a look at some of my red heads in my latest collection at Michael John Hair Artwork ltd.

March (over)Haul

So last few weeks I’ve had little gifts brought and small splurges. Thought I’d share…


So number 1, New Loafers!

I’ve been after a decent pair for a little while after having to part with my old and battered ones last year. Mum and me were having a wonder down Oxford Street and just ‘happen’ to drift into Aldo. Now if anyone doesn’t know about Aldo – I urge you to go to their website now! Shoes, Sunglasses and handbags and more! Super trendy styles at a fairly decent price! No more than Topshop prices.

These beauties were just what i was after. Something classic that won’t slip through time trends. And only £50, I also got persuaded to buy suede wipes stop keep them clean, for an extra £5 it was worth it – plus i can use them on other shoes! So a total of £55 – i didn’t think that was too bad for a decent pair of shoes!


Next up… more shoes! I brought both these pairs a couple of weeks apart, both from La Sula website and both at a bargain sale price! I actually got a pair fairly similar couple of months back in red and they are one of the most comfiest heels I’ve got! So thought i should get some more!


If my memory serves me right each pair (inc next day next day delivery) costs no more than £17 each.

I wore the Khaki pair out last weekend and they were super comfy! La Sula have constant sales and promos going on so definitely worth signing up to the emailing list to get the latest offers! I’m actually excited to wear the black pair in a couple of weeks time for my friends birthday night out!


Numbero Trio… New Dress!

As I’ve mentioned it’s my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and we have a night out planned. Like every girl knows – that means something new! Now because spring is on its way I felt i needed something a bit more summery but not too much… cue my online trip to In The Style!

Never having shopped on here before i was a bit nervous but made sure I checked my sizes first before checking out, i went ahead and got this awesome little number!


It’s khaki (a colour i quite like at the moment, trying to edge away from black clothes!) and i thought it’s work well with my new black heels! It has this neat little plaited faux leather black trim around the top part which makes it a bit more interesting!


Fits like a glove too! next on my shopping list is to find a suitable bra to wear with it!


Next up i have 2 little gifts from my parents holiday to Tenerife. Brought in a little boutique store  these work perfectly in my house!

The miniature jewellery box i use for my rings and i actually have a larger version i use for my erring and bracelets i got off eBay.  The elephant figurine has this beautiful polished Abalone gemstone on both sides.


Something close to my heart is my MAC makeup.

These 2 little beauties are my secret faves!

First up we have my new highlighter – Mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle shade. perfect for everyday highlighter. i just use my blusher brush to apply it and use it on my cheekbones above my contour and below along my jawline. I also use it across my forehead and chin and down my nose as well as occasionally on my eyes.

This is something I’ve longed for for years! Any hairdresser will tell you how ‘glow’ you can get haha! shine is my biggest hate with my make up. Amplify my difficult skin with 18 hairdryers and a busy column and i have a make up disaster on my hands! Well this certainly helps! It works by absorbing the oils – think like a dry shampoo but for your face. these with my blotting wipes (also MAC) are perfection for me!


And lastly….something I’ve wanted for a year, since i got my own place.

My Cherry Tree….


I managed to find a beautiful one that grows up to 10metres high and only 2 1/2 metres wide for my small garden. It’s called Royal Burgundy, from Frosts Garden Centre at Brampton. Such a lovely garden centre  the staff are all friendly and quite knowledgeable about plants. Nice coffee shop there too with a beautiful away of cakes to choose from!


Don’t worry me and my mum shared this! A summer fruits meringue…went down a treat!

Back to my tree…it will develop purple foliage and double pink flowers in the next couple of weeks! You can see the tag on the previous picture of what the flowers will look like.

I’ll post another picture when it flowers -hopefully soon!


That’s all for now! Here are the links to everything…. Happy Shopping!

A  xox



Aldo Loafers


La Sula triple strap heels


La Sula Khaki heels




In The Style Khaki Dress


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle


MAC Oil Control Lotion


Royal Burgundy Ornamental Cherry Tree – Frosts Garden Centre

Me, My Skin & Elemis

So like most of the population I have bad skin. Well had bad skin.

About 3 weeks ago I had had enough of my skin. Now I’ve never been fresh faced and unfortunately through genetics have an oily but dry in places skin. That and being a hairdresser in a busy salon was not doing my skin any favours.

I have always had issues with my skin for as long as I can remember and never really stuck to a regime of any kind… bad I know. But at 27 years old I have finally found a range of products that not only work at keeping my face clear and blemish free but help illumine my skin and make it look it’s best even without make up!
My problem has always been not really knowing what to use for my skin. I have that awkward combination skin where it is oily but also dry in places then I get ‘blemishes’ which is just a nice way of saying spots!

I have tried nearly everything on the market to help my skin but what I’ve learnt is that you need to have a systematic approach and stick to it!

So after reading this blog on the Elemis website I decided to sort my skin out.

Every morning I start with my main cleanser Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash.

This helps take my make up off as well as dead skin cells and any grime that has attached itself to my skin through out the day. Great pump as well. Saves me wasting half of it!

Also TOP TIP: wash your hands with it first! Clean hands for a clean face!

If I have been out and worn a bit more make up I will do a double cleanse with Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil.

It helps remove stubborn makeup and gives my skin that extra boost of moisture.

Another TOP TIP: Using a clean and soft towel to dab (not rub) your face dry. These cloths are lovely and you get 2 in this bag which comes in handy for travelling! I got 3 packs so I always have a clean one each day. After all why would you want to use a dirty towel with dead skin cells all over it on your face?! (I know I never thought about it like that either!)

Once a fortnight I will then use Skin Buff to exfoliate.

This is great as I can feel it working and giving my face a good scrub. But you shouldn’t exfoliate too often as it’ll cause your skin to become fragile.

Then I tone using Lavender Balancing Toner.

This helps sooth my skin and makes sure it’s not too oily or not too dry. Also really handy to use as it’s in a spray bottle so 3 spritz over my face and I’m good.

Then I alternate between Hydra-Balance Day Cream and Superfood Facial Oil.

These help keep my skin moisturised and act as a barrier to stop makeup sinking into my pores and clogging them up.

The Superfood facial oil contains 9 different oils ranging from broccoli seed oil to macadamia oil to rosehip seed oil. All rich in anti-oxidants and to help give your skin a healthy glow.

Now I found this odd but the proof is in the pudding… are you ready….

Oil is good for oily skin! Who knew?! 

Certainly I didn’t! Not until now! And trust me… you have to try it! My skin has never felt so soft and I do believe there is a slight glow to my skin now!

Then I’ll apply my make up in the normal way.

Before bed I’ll cleanse (sometimes double cleanse) tone and then I’ll use one of two products depending of what my skin is like. Herbal Lavender Repair Mask and S.O.S Emergency Cream

Now I’m not saying that these products stop you from having a single break out but they have definitely helped me. My skin is pretty clear with the very odd blemish but nothing like what it was 3 weeks ago. Also it feels smoother and brighter (saving me having to buy illuminating creams!) plus my make up goes on easier and stays on better!

The S.O.S cream will help tie the irritation away and reduce a spot over night. I’ve tried and tested it! My go to product for before a night out! You can also use it under make up if you get a little friend pop up in the morning!

And lastly is my coffe substitute! Those late nights and early mornings really take it out on my eyes. Sometimes I look like I haven’t slept in days but Pro-Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm has helped loads!

It has a cooling effect to help rid those dark circles and is slightly tinted so acts similar to concealer. Nice applicator too so don’t have to use your fingers to rub it in.
So I’m all for these products and I will shout from the roof tops about them. It’s a horrible feeling when you have bad skin and it can affect your confidence majorly. I’m so happy I’ve found products that work for me.


If you’re based in or around peterborough you can purchase Elemis from my salon.

Michael John Hair Artwork ltd in Peterborough.


If you’ve tried Elemis or have any questions leave me a comment! What Elemis product/s have you tried and love?? What’s your secret ‘go to’ product??
Until next time!


Elemis Website

Fancy Colouring

Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye… 

Hair Colouring has certainly come on in the past few months let alone years. But with this post I want to talk about a new products I’ve started using called Directions.

Directions is a temporary based colour, which means it isn’t mixed with peroxide or any sort of developer (which means less chemicals for those who like that kind of thing!) but this also means it doesn’t last as long as other types of hair colour.

BUT…what makes this range so special is this…

directions shades.JPG

I mean come on…just looking at them makes me want to relive my childhood days when you could buy coloured hair mascara and have blue and purple streaks for a weekend!

No they aren’t for everyone but, speaking as a hairdresser the reason why I am (I admit) falling in love with this brand is that due to their DNA, they can be for anyone.

Let me explain a bit of science to hair colouring…

When you lighten hair you remove the hair’s natural pigment. Done properly you will have minimal damage. Done incorrectly or in excess, your hair will snap off and the good old expression comes to mind “you’ll be taking it home in your handbag”!

So if we as hairdressers try to lighten hair to the extreme when it simply doesn’t want to, it’s not a happy ending. Now with this Directions you don’t need to lift it so light. Therefore the condition of hair is healthier and because of that the colour will last longer. 

Gone is the prefix of having to lift hair to the whitest of blonde you can possibly get which is a mean feat in itself.

The below photos are colours I have done and as you can see they weren’t ‘white blonde’. 

So this one was last week.


Obviously being so dark and coloured hair, I was a bit worried about how light i would have to get the hair first. I managed to get it to a pale red almost copper sort of colour. Which if I would have used our old brand of temporary colours it wouldn’t have done anything but, this is what i achieved…


Good hey?! I was pretty impressed. 

This is one i did today.

The starting point was lighter, a balayage I did few months back, but because it was already light i didn’t need to lighten it again. This was the result…


Again i was so pleased with the outcome!

I can’t recommend these colours enough. You can even turn any of the colours into pastel tones, they wouldn’t last as long as the brighter ones but still nice knowing. And because they are only temporary they don’t cost a fortune to have done – BONUS! 

If you’re interested in having these done or want to know more then please give me a message using the contact form. 

Thanks for reading!


Popping my Blog Cherry…

Okay! So first post! Here it goes…

So few things i’m looking forward to in the next few weeks…

  1.  New Beauty ProductsI’m a big lover of all things beautifying but i have been neglecting my skin especially over the winter months, so i have just today ordered some new Elemis skincare products to help my skin.I’ve always loved Elemis, might be due to the fact my mum loves them (like mother like daughter) or because my salon stock them (yay for staff discount!) but whatever that reason is my skin appreciates the finer things! I might even blog about them when i get them.curious_prod_herbal-lavender-repair-mask_master_v03_rgb_web
  2. Competition                                                                                                                                       I’ve decided to enter a hair competition again this year, WELLA Trendvision. It’s a national competition that if you get placed in this country turn INTERnational! Although terrifying, allows me to express my utmost creative side! I’ll post pictures up once i’ve done the shoot! This was my last entry back in 2015 that got me to the semi finals!
  3. Vouchers                                                                                                                                                          Now I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love free things! Especially when said free thing turns out to be £60 worth of high street vouchers! Thanks to my Energy supplier’s scheme (Eon) every time i paid my bill i got points and those points could either turn into vouchers or money off your bill. Obviously i chose vouchers so i can feed my addiction for all things TopShop! Sadly though i was reminded of this scheme by an email form Eon saying they’ll be finishing it now, but at least i have something to look forward to getting in the post other than bills!

Speak soon