New House Things…

It has been a whole year since I moved into my new house. Finally I can start painting and decorating!

So after a bunch of Pintrest searches and blogger stalking I think i’ve finally come up with a few ideas…

There is always that panic and fear of putting your first nail in a fresh new wall incase it’s the wrong place and then you have to change it…so I have literally spent the last 6months thinking where I’m going to be putting things.

I’ll start with the basics. Paint.

So when the house was built it was decorated to the standard pretence, Magnolia walls and white wood work. To be honest, I actually like it! But if anything i’d like to go a bit lighter on the walls in the lounge, bedroom and dressing room. I always think it’s better to have light walls as it gives the illusion of a larger space, plus makes your selfies better!

Sadly due to unpredictable weather I’m going to have to wait until summer time to paint, that way i can have all the doors and windows open to air the house so i don’t gas myself out!


However that doesn’t mean I can’t do little changes….This is some little things I have in store over the next week.

Floating Shelves

I’ve always loved a floating shelf. There’s just something so glamorous and simple about them. I’ve always brought mine from Homebase, depending on size they’re anything from about £5 up to £20ish.


I’ve brought 2 for my lounge, one longer than the other (which I’ll do a little overlap thing I’ve seen done on Pintrest), 2 for my bedroom both medium size and 3 for my dressing room for my jewellery boxes to go on so they won’t live on the floor anymore!



I recently had a little trip to Nottingham, just a little praise to their H&M store….despite having to cue for what seemed like an eternity, I was so pleased!FullSizeRender 2

I would highly recommend going on their website and having a look through their home department. some beautiful little vases and trinket boxes. They change their stock fairly regularly too so you can keep checking what’s new in!

FullSizeRender 3

I brought a shelf that is shaped like a house and a a brass letter holder in the shape of a pineapple. Both items were no more than £7 each. Then I had a little rummage in their sale items and picked up this cute little gold mirror for half price too!


I then obviously had to visit IKEA, as does anyone that goes to any town where they are based.



This time frames were on my mind. I’d seen some lovely prints off a few different websites that were about £20 each. Now as lovely as those prints were, i just couldn’t buy as many as I would like to. As i was wondering around IKEA I walked into on of their showrooms and sure enough there was a wall of different prints sprawled across the wall as I was hoping to do. As if it was secretly put there for me there was a ‘handy hint’ next to the display that said about using magazine cut outs and printing off your own quotes to put in frames. So this is exactly what I’m going to do.

I managed to get some single frames in various different sizes, I think the most expensive one was about £1 so great value! I then brought one of these already put together frames. My mum has one that she brought from Next and paid about £40 for where as my IKEA version only cost me £5! Obviously i was needing something to put them put with and I’m starting to run low on nails and hanging equipment, so i picked 2 of these kits up- very handy!


All in all a very good trip! Plus it gives me something to be excited about this week.

I’ll post before and afters up on my Instagram so give me a follow!


Until next time!

A xox


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