March (over)Haul

So last few weeks I’ve had little gifts brought and small splurges. Thought I’d share…


So number 1, New Loafers!

I’ve been after a decent pair for a little while after having to part with my old and battered ones last year. Mum and me were having a wonder down Oxford Street and just ‘happen’ to drift into Aldo. Now if anyone doesn’t know about Aldo – I urge you to go to their website now! Shoes, Sunglasses and handbags and more! Super trendy styles at a fairly decent price! No more than Topshop prices.

These beauties were just what i was after. Something classic that won’t slip through time trends. And only £50, I also got persuaded to buy suede wipes stop keep them clean, for an extra £5 it was worth it – plus i can use them on other shoes! So a total of £55 – i didn’t think that was too bad for a decent pair of shoes!


Next up… more shoes! I brought both these pairs a couple of weeks apart, both from La Sula website and both at a bargain sale price! I actually got a pair fairly similar couple of months back in red and they are one of the most comfiest heels I’ve got! So thought i should get some more!


If my memory serves me right each pair (inc next day next day delivery) costs no more than £17 each.

I wore the Khaki pair out last weekend and they were super comfy! La Sula have constant sales and promos going on so definitely worth signing up to the emailing list to get the latest offers! I’m actually excited to wear the black pair in a couple of weeks time for my friends birthday night out!


Numbero Trio… New Dress!

As I’ve mentioned it’s my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and we have a night out planned. Like every girl knows – that means something new! Now because spring is on its way I felt i needed something a bit more summery but not too much… cue my online trip to In The Style!

Never having shopped on here before i was a bit nervous but made sure I checked my sizes first before checking out, i went ahead and got this awesome little number!


It’s khaki (a colour i quite like at the moment, trying to edge away from black clothes!) and i thought it’s work well with my new black heels! It has this neat little plaited faux leather black trim around the top part which makes it a bit more interesting!


Fits like a glove too! next on my shopping list is to find a suitable bra to wear with it!


Next up i have 2 little gifts from my parents holiday to Tenerife. Brought in a little boutique store  these work perfectly in my house!

The miniature jewellery box i use for my rings and i actually have a larger version i use for my erring and bracelets i got off eBay.  The elephant figurine has this beautiful polished Abalone gemstone on both sides.


Something close to my heart is my MAC makeup.

These 2 little beauties are my secret faves!

First up we have my new highlighter – Mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle shade. perfect for everyday highlighter. i just use my blusher brush to apply it and use it on my cheekbones above my contour and below along my jawline. I also use it across my forehead and chin and down my nose as well as occasionally on my eyes.

This is something I’ve longed for for years! Any hairdresser will tell you how ‘glow’ you can get haha! shine is my biggest hate with my make up. Amplify my difficult skin with 18 hairdryers and a busy column and i have a make up disaster on my hands! Well this certainly helps! It works by absorbing the oils – think like a dry shampoo but for your face. these with my blotting wipes (also MAC) are perfection for me!


And lastly….something I’ve wanted for a year, since i got my own place.

My Cherry Tree….


I managed to find a beautiful one that grows up to 10metres high and only 2 1/2 metres wide for my small garden. It’s called Royal Burgundy, from Frosts Garden Centre at Brampton. Such a lovely garden centre  the staff are all friendly and quite knowledgeable about plants. Nice coffee shop there too with a beautiful away of cakes to choose from!


Don’t worry me and my mum shared this! A summer fruits meringue…went down a treat!

Back to my tree…it will develop purple foliage and double pink flowers in the next couple of weeks! You can see the tag on the previous picture of what the flowers will look like.

I’ll post another picture when it flowers -hopefully soon!


That’s all for now! Here are the links to everything…. Happy Shopping!

A  xox



Aldo Loafers


La Sula triple strap heels


La Sula Khaki heels




In The Style Khaki Dress


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle


MAC Oil Control Lotion


Royal Burgundy Ornamental Cherry Tree – Frosts Garden Centre


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