I Wasn’t Late For This Important Date! 

So I might be late in writing this one but kind of has a nice timing being International Women’s Day…I would like to talk about my day last Friday.

Myself and a colleague were asked by Carole Hughes (founder of Anna’s Hope and who is a long standing client of the salon)  if we’d like to go along to a ‘Mad Hatters’ Ladies Luncheon for Anna’s Hope charity and have a stall there to give advice and sell products from the salon.

Ofcourse we said yes, and here is why…

Anna’s Hope is the leading children’s brain tumour charity in the East Of England. They are committed to giving hope to children and young people diagnosed with a brain tumour.  It was inspired by Anna Olivia Hughes, who tragically died from a brain tumour aged only three years and eight months, and was set up by Anna’s parents Rob and Carole Hughes and her five Godparents in October 2006.

This year marks the 10th anniverary of Anna’s passing but also marks 10 amazing years of fundraising efforts for Anna’s Hope.



The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’ to coincide with ‘Wear a Hat’ day that creates awareness of brain tumours.

Our day started with set up. Once we stepped inside the venue ( The Haycock Hotel, Wansford) it was as if we had been transported to wonderland!


The ballroom was decorated with giant mushrooms and hanging ivy with a large pocket watch hanging on the wall. The tables were expertly designed with playing cards and ivy and each table had a different center piece.

We were then shown through a passage way and into a beautiful marquee were the stalls were.  The room was decorated with ivy and playing cards and Anna’s Fairy was watching the whole thing!


The Lunch itself was incredible, serenaded by a group called The Four Femmes On The Thames, who were brilliant! The girls were winners of the 2016 Musical Comedy Award and they performed a couple of original songs as well as old jazz and blues numbers.

My Main course was chicken stuffed with basil mousse and some beautiful potato gratin and vegetables.


Then for dessert it was a sweet arrangement of different desserts..my favourite was the candy floss!


After dinner there was a beautiful presentation by Carole and Anna’s Hope about celebrating 10 amazing years and myself and my collegue both admitted to welling up during it.  After the presentation it was time to listen to someone truly inspirational. It’s been a while since someone has managed to make me stop, listen and change the way i view things. Darren Grigas did just that.

He did the Marathon des Sables which is a massive 156mile trek through a desert across 6 days to raise money for Anna’s Hope.  There was something I really paid attention to was this. Everyone complains that sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day…but if you were to get up just 1 hour earlier each day you’d gain an extra 7hours a week which equates to over an extra day a month. Really hits home just how much you can be missing out on.

Oh and i almost forgot! My Goody Bag!


Lots of lovely gifts from a chocolate bunny (which was demolished that day!) to a beautiful Heyland Whittle soap and loads more!

All in all it was an amazing day filled with great music, food, stalls and people.

If you’d like to help Anna’s Hope in any way be it donating or fundraising please get in touch with them through their website:  Anna’s Hope


Until next time!



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