Lights, Camera, Action! 

So if anyone is keeping tabs on me you’ll remember other week I mentioned about a little idea I had on a shopping trip to Brent Cross. I happened to stumble into a store and saw a Customised Light Box!

For anyone that doesn’t know what they are…

It is a box that lights up and you get letters and symbols you can slide into the box to create a phase or leave little notes to parents, other halves or flat mates or just as pretty decoration!

They have been filling Instagram and Pinterest quite a bit recently and I thought ‘yeeeeah I could get one of these!’

The problem I had was the one I saw wasn’t quite what I was after. It was a bit too long and only had two lines where as I was after three lines.

After a quick google search I came across a company called Flamingo. They had my custome light box in A4 size with three lines and 85 letters and symbols and only £17.99 (cheaper than the other one I’d seen) – Perfect!

Into my basket and checkout using PayPal and 3days later it was in my hands.

And here’s a sneek peak of my future Instagram posts ….


Needless to say it was a major hit with my mates too…


Well done Flamingo! Highly recommended I will definitely enjoy using them again!  Might even get an extra pack of letters?! Who knows! 

They also have loads of gift things too! Go check them out!

Flamingo Gift Shop



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